A concourse resource for interacting with artifactory
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Artifactory Resource

Versions objects in artifactory using the jfrog cli.

Source Configuration

  • url: Required. The base url of the artifactory server API

  • path: Required. The path to the directory in artifactory

  • user: Required. The artifactory user

  • password: Required. The artifactory password

  • regexp: Required. The regular expression to match the file. There must be a capture group that will match the semver in the filename. For example, my-app-(.*).tgz has a capture group which would match files such as

    • my-app-0.0.1.tgz
    • my-app-1.22.3-rc.123.tgz


check: Extract versions from the bucket.

Objects will be found via the pattern configured by regexp. The versions will be used to order them (using semver). Each object's filename is the resulting version.

in: Fetch an object from the bucket.

Places the file fetched from the bucket in the destination.


  • explode: Optional. If true, the downloaded file will be untarred. (Defaults to false)

out: Upload an object to the bucket.

Given a file specified by file, upload it to the artifactory repo. The new file will be uploaded to the directory that the regex searches in.


  • file: Required. Path or glob to the file to upload, provided by an output of a task. If multiple files are matched by the glob, an error is raised. The file which matches will be placed into the directory structure on artifactory as defined by the path parameter in the resource definition. The matching syntax is bash glob expansion, so no capture groups, etc.

Example Configuration

Resource Type

You have to add the resource type.

- name: artifactory
  type: docker-image
    repository: nkcraddock/concourse-artifactory-resource
    tag: latest


- name: release
  type: artifactory
    url: https://artifactory.example.org/artifactory
    path: repo/my-app
    regexp: my-app-(.*).tgz


- get: release
  params: { explode: true }
- put: release
    file: path/to/my-app-*.tgz


Copyright 2016 Ultimate Software, Inc.

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