Self updating dockerized antivirus based on clam-av.
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ClamAV latest.stable

Dockerized open source antivirus daemons for use with

ClamAV daemon as a Docker image. It builds with a current virus database and runs freshclam in the background constantly updating the virus signature database. clamd itself is listening on exposed port 3310.


Find the latest releases at the official docker hub registry. There are different releases for the different platforms.


The container run as user clamav with uid=101 and gid=102.

Debian (default, :latest, :buster-slim, :stretch-slim)

  • buster-slim
  • stretch-slim
    docker run -d -p 3310:3310 mkodockx/docker-clamav:buster-slim

Alpine (:alpine, :alpine-edge)

  • alpine
  • alpine-edge
    docker run -d -p 3310:3310 mkodockx/docker-clamav:alpine

Linked usage recommended, to not expose the port to "everyone".

    docker run -d --name av mkodockx/docker-clamav(:alpine)
    docker run -d --link av:av application-with-clamdscan-or-something

Environment VARs


Thanks to @mchus proxy configuration is possible.

  • HTTPProxyServer: Allows to set a proxy server
  • HTTPProxyPort: Allows to set a proxy server port

Database Mirror

Specifying a particular mirror for freshclam is also possible.

  • DatabaseMirror: Hostname of the mirror web server.

Custom Configuration Files

Mount custom configuration files into the container.

  • FRESHCLAM_CONF_FILE: Path to custom freshclam.conf file, e.g. /mnt/freshclam.conf.
  • CLAMD_CONF_FILE: Set the path to a custom clamd.conf file, e.g. /mnt/clamd.conf.


Virus update definitions are stored in /var/lib/clamav. To store the defintion just mount the directory as a volume, docker run -d -p 3310:3310 -v ./clamav:/var/lib/clamav mkodockx/docker-clamav:latest


See example with Nextcloud at docker-compose.yml. You still need to configure the AntiVirus files app in Nextcloud.

You can find a tutorial here:


The images provide with a file to check for the healthyness of the running container. To enable the health check configure your docker run or compose file. The start period should be adjusted to your system needs. Slow internet connection, with limited cpu and IO speed might require larger values.


Via docker run:

docker run --health-cmd=./ \
            --health-start-period=120s \
            --health-interval=60s \
            --health-retries=3 \
            -p 3310:3310 mkodockx/docker-clamav:alpine`

Via docker-compose

        test: ["CMD", "./"]
        interval: 60s
        retries: 3
        start_period: 120s

Build multi-arch

This image provides support for different platforms

  • x86
  • amd64
  • arm32v7
  • arm64v8

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