Fluent Bit, lightweight logs and metrics collector and forwarder
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Fluent Bit

Fluent Bit is a lightweight and high performance log processor. In this repository you will find the container images ready for production usage. Our stable images are based in Distroless focusing on security containing just the Fluent Bit binary, minimal system libraries and basic configuration.

Optionally, we provide debug images which contain shells and tooling that can be used to troubleshoot or for testing purposes.

For a detailed list of Tags and versions available, please refer to the the official documentation:


Getting Started

Run a Fluent Bit instance that will receive messages over TCP port 24224 through the Forward protocol, and send the messages to the STDOUT interface in JSON format every one second:

docker run -p fluent/fluent-bit:1.5 /fluent-bit/bin/fluent-bit -i forward -o stdout -p format=json_lines -f 1

Now run a separate container that will send a test message. This time the Docker container will use the Fluentd Forward Protocol as the logging driver:

$ docker run --log-driver=fluentd -t ubuntu echo "Testing a log message"

On Fluent Bit container, it will print to stdout something like this:

Fluent Bit v1.9.0
* Copyright (C) 2015-2021 The Fluent Bit Authors
* Fluent Bit is a CNCF sub-project under the umbrella of Fluentd
* https://fluentbit.io

[2020/07/13 16:47:49] [ info] [engine] started (pid=1)
[2020/07/13 16:47:49] [ info] [storage] version=1.0.4, initializing...
[2020/07/13 16:47:49] [ info] [storage] in-memory
[2020/07/13 16:47:49] [ info] [storage] normal synchronization mode, checksum disabled, max_chunks_up=128
[2020/07/13 16:47:49] [ info] [input:forward:forward.0] listening on
[2020/07/13 16:47:49] [ info] [sp] stream processor started
{"date":1594658882,"container_id":"96eed39b57153c48721336b172ab673ccab2e3950b0c94cb44e1278662644ead","container_name":"/beautiful_mccarthy","source":"stdout","log":"Testing a log message\r"}


Feel free to contact us through the following community channels:

Fluent Bit & Fluentd

Fluent Bit is a CNCF sub-project under the umbrella of Fluentd


This program is under the terms of the Apache License v2.0.


Fluent Bit is a CNCF sub-project under the umbrella of Fluentd.

Made with love by many contributors :).