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Docker Compose "Cloud Integrations"

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This Compose CLI tool makes it easy to run Docker containers and Docker Compose applications in the cloud using either :

  • Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  • Microsoft Azure Container Instances (ACI)
  • Kubernetes (Work in progress)

...using the Docker commands you already know.

:warning: Compose v2 (a.k.a "Local Docker Compose") has Moved

This repository is about "Cloud Integrations", the Docker Compose v2 code has moved to github.com/docker/compose

Getting started

To get started with Compose CLI, all you need is:

Please create issues to leave feedback.



See the instructions in BUILDING.md for how to build the CLI and run its tests; including the end to end tests for local containers, ACI, and ECS. The guide also includes instructions for releasing the CLI.

Before contributing, please read the contribution guidelines which includes conventions used in this project.