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Kafka exporter for Prometheus. For other metrics from Kafka, have a look at the JMX exporter.

Table of Contents


Support Apache Kafka version (and later).



Binary can be downloaded from Releases page.


Build Binary


Build Docker Image

make docker

Docker Hub Image

docker pull danielqsj/kafka-exporter:latest

It can be used directly instead of having to build the image yourself. (Docker Hub danielqsj/kafka-exporter)


Run Binary

kafka_exporter --kafka.server=kafka:9092 [--kafka.server=another-server ...]

Run Docker Image

docker run -ti --rm -p 9308:9308 danielqsj/kafka-exporter --kafka.server=kafka:9092 [--kafka.server=another-server ...]


This image is configurable using different flags

Flag nameDefaultDescription
kafka.serverkafka:9092Addresses (host:port) of Kafka server
kafka.version1.0.0Kafka broker version
sasl.enabledfalseConnect using SASL/PLAIN
sasl.handshaketrueOnly set this to false if using a non-Kafka SASL proxy
sasl.usernameSASL user name
sasl.passwordSASL user password
sasl.mechanismSASL mechanism can be plain, scram-sha512, scram-sha256
sasl.service-nameService name when using Kerberos Auth
sasl.kerberos-config-pathKerberos config path
sasl.realmKerberos realm
sasl.keytab-pathKerberos keytab file path
sasl.kerberos-auth-typeKerberos auth type. Either 'keytabAuth' or 'userAuth'
tls.enabledfalseConnect using TLS
tls.ca-fileThe optional certificate authority file for TLS client authentication
tls.cert-fileThe optional certificate file for client authentication
tls.key-fileThe optional key file for client authentication
tls.insecure-skip-tls-verifyfalseIf true, the server's certificate will not be checked for validity
topic.filter.*Regex that determines which topics to collect
group.filter.*Regex that determines which consumer groups to collect
web.listen-address:9308Address to listen on for web interface and telemetry
web.telemetry-path/metricsPath under which to expose metrics
log.enable-saramafalseTurn on Sarama logging
use.consumelag.zookeeperfalseif you need to use a group from zookeeper
zookeeper.serverlocalhost:2181Address (hosts) of zookeeper server
kafka.labelsKafka cluster name
refresh.metadata30sMetadata refresh interval
offset.show-alltrueWhether show the offset/lag for all consumer group, otherwise, only show connected consumer groups
concurrent.enablefalseIf true, all scrapes will trigger kafka operations otherwise, they will share results. WARN: This should be disabled on large clusters
topic.workers100Number of topic workers
verbosity0Verbosity log level


Boolean values are uniquely managed by Kingpin. Each boolean flag will have a negative complement: --<name> and --no-<name>.

For example:

If you need to disable sasl.handshake, you could add flag --no-sasl.handshake


Documents about exposed Prometheus metrics.

For details on the underlying metrics please see Apache Kafka.


Metrics details

NameExposed informations
kafka_brokersNumber of Brokers in the Kafka Cluster

Metrics output example

# HELP kafka_brokers Number of Brokers in the Kafka Cluster.
# TYPE kafka_brokers gauge
kafka_brokers 3


Metrics details

NameExposed informations
kafka_topic_partitionsNumber of partitions for this Topic
kafka_topic_partition_current_offsetCurrent Offset of a Broker at Topic/Partition
kafka_topic_partition_oldest_offsetOldest Offset of a Broker at Topic/Partition
kafka_topic_partition_in_sync_replicaNumber of In-Sync Replicas for this Topic/Partition
kafka_topic_partition_leaderLeader Broker ID of this Topic/Partition
kafka_topic_partition_leader_is_preferred1 if Topic/Partition is using the Preferred Broker
kafka_topic_partition_replicasNumber of Replicas for this Topic/Partition
kafka_topic_partition_under_replicated_partition1 if Topic/Partition is under Replicated

Metrics output example

# HELP kafka_topic_partitions Number of partitions for this Topic
# TYPE kafka_topic_partitions gauge
kafka_topic_partitions{topic="__consumer_offsets"} 50

# HELP kafka_topic_partition_current_offset Current Offset of a Broker at Topic/Partition
# TYPE kafka_topic_partition_current_offset gauge
kafka_topic_partition_current_offset{partition="0",topic="__consumer_offsets"} 0

# HELP kafka_topic_partition_oldest_offset Oldest Offset of a Broker at Topic/Partition
# TYPE kafka_topic_partition_oldest_offset gauge
kafka_topic_partition_oldest_offset{partition="0",topic="__consumer_offsets"} 0

# HELP kafka_topic_partition_in_sync_replica Number of In-Sync Replicas for this Topic/Partition
# TYPE kafka_topic_partition_in_sync_replica gauge
kafka_topic_partition_in_sync_replica{partition="0",topic="__consumer_offsets"} 3

# HELP kafka_topic_partition_leader Leader Broker ID of this Topic/Partition
# TYPE kafka_topic_partition_leader gauge
kafka_topic_partition_leader{partition="0",topic="__consumer_offsets"} 0

# HELP kafka_topic_partition_leader_is_preferred 1 if Topic/Partition is using the Preferred Broker
# TYPE kafka_topic_partition_leader_is_preferred gauge
kafka_topic_partition_leader_is_preferred{partition="0",topic="__consumer_offsets"} 1

# HELP kafka_topic_partition_replicas Number of Replicas for this Topic/Partition
# TYPE kafka_topic_partition_replicas gauge
kafka_topic_partition_replicas{partition="0",topic="__consumer_offsets"} 3

# HELP kafka_topic_partition_under_replicated_partition 1 if Topic/Partition is under Replicated
# TYPE kafka_topic_partition_under_replicated_partition gauge
kafka_topic_partition_under_replicated_partition{partition="0",topic="__consumer_offsets"} 0

Consumer Groups

Metrics details

NameExposed informations
kafka_consumergroup_current_offsetCurrent Offset of a ConsumerGroup at Topic/Partition
kafka_consumergroup_lagCurrent Approximate Lag of a ConsumerGroup at Topic/Partition

Metrics output example

# HELP kafka_consumergroup_current_offset Current Offset of a ConsumerGroup at Topic/Partition
# TYPE kafka_consumergroup_current_offset gauge
kafka_consumergroup_current_offset{consumergroup="KMOffsetCache-kafka-manager-3806276532-ml44w",partition="0",topic="__consumer_offsets"} -1

# HELP kafka_consumergroup_lag Current Approximate Lag of a ConsumerGroup at Topic/Partition
# TYPE kafka_consumergroup_lag gauge
kafka_consumergroup_lag{consumergroup="KMOffsetCache-kafka-manager-3806276532-ml44w",partition="0",topic="__consumer_offsets"} 1

Grafana Dashboard

Grafana Dashboard ID: 7589, name: Kafka Exporter Overview.

For details of the dashboard please see Kafka Exporter Overview.


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Please feel free to send me pull requests.

Contributors ✨

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Code is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.