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Calico Networking for CNI

This repository contains the Project Calico network plugin for CNI. This plugin allows you to use Calico networking for any orchestrator which makes use of the CNI networking specification.

This repository includes a top-level CNI networking plugin, as well as a CNI IPAM plugin which makes use of Calico IPAM.

For details of configuration, see the file.

The calico-containers repository contains getting started guides for a number of scenarios, as well as more detailed documentation regarding our CNI integration.

To learn more about CNI, visit the appc/cni repo.

Building the plugins and running tests

To build the Calico Networking Plugin for CNI locally, clone this repository and run make. This will build both CNI plugin binaries and run the tests.

  • To just build the binaries, with no tests, run make binary. This will produce dist/calico and dist/calico-ipam.
  • To only run the tests, simply run make test.

Release process

  • Create a release on Github and use it to create a tag
  • Check the tag out locally and run
    • make release
  • Attach dist/calico and dist/calico-ipam to the Github release