Free version of full mail server solution. POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Spamassassin, WebMail, WebAdmin
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Readme - complete mailserver built in one container

Full stack mailserver solution with SSL TLS support. POP3s, SMTP(s), IMAPs, RSPAMD, Clamav, Roundcube(HTTPS), SPF, DKIM with simple installation and web administration.

Native features

  • Let's encrypt for free and automatic TLS certs!
  • SMTP routing (redirects all outgoing emails to the smarthost)
  • SRS (fix redirects to follow valid SPF)
  • "From" header check to prevent sender spoofing within mailserver users (toggleable per user)
  • Remove redundant headers and hide authenticated sender IP for privacy
  • Inbound antispam&antivirus (outbound at PRO)
  • Automated Trash and Junk folders cleaning
  • Relay limits with optional blocking prevents cases when one of your users computer got infected and tries to spam (PRO)
  • "Karma" for making spammers life harder and much slower (p0f for detecting senders system, dns/mx/reverse lookups, DNSBL)
  • Blacklist&Whitelist + automatic blocking for resources wasters
  • Quarantine folder inspectable through administration
  • Whole domain forwarding
  • Domain-bin aka catch-all address
  • DKIM setup through administration
  • Very detailed logs (searchable and viewable through administration PRO)
  • DMARC reports (PRO)
  • REST API and command line for emails and domains manipulation
  • Server and domain DNS Diagnostics, DNSBL check
  • Quota for users
  • Levels of administration rights: system admin, domain admin(PRO) and user
  • Default Sieve filters for redirect, copy, autoreply, out of office, custom


Web administration with email accounts and virtual domains: WebAdmin

Email process log in log viewer (PRO only): LogViewer

Want more?

Look at demo!;admin

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