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Maintained by: Open Distro for Elasticsearch team Need help? Ask questions and discuss on our community forum Need to file issues? Use our issue tracker to report problems with builds or the Docker images

It’s time to upgrade to OpenSearch!

The Open Distro project bundled open source distributions of Elasticsearch and Kibana with Apache-2.0-licensed plugins that gave users enterprise-grade features, security, and analytics tools. In the two years since it launched, builders all over the world have used Open Distro to power their applications.

Open source Elasticsearch and Kibana 7.10.2 will soon be end of life, and are no longer receiving active development, security patches, or bugfixes. All users should be running software that receives timely security patches. The OpenSearch project was launched to provide a path forward for open source Elasticsearch and Open Distro users that ensures they always have access to security and new innovation.

Now is the time to migrate to OpenSearch to take advantage of the newest features, performance improvements, bugfixes, and security patches. See what's so great about OpenSearch and get help migrating.

How to pull this image?

You can pull the Open Distro for Elasticsearch Docker image just like any other image:

docker pull amazon/opendistro-for-elasticsearch:latest

See DockerHub for a list of all available versions Open Distro for Elasticsearch images use centos:7 as the base image. We recommend allowing Docker to use at least 4 GB of RAM.

How to use this image?

To run the image for local development:

docker run -p 9200:9200 -p 9600:9600 -e "discovery.type=single-node" amazon/opendistro-for-elasticsearch:latest

Then send requests to the server to verify that Elasticsearch is up and running:

curl -XGET https://localhost:9200 -u admin:admin --insecure
curl -XGET https://localhost:9200/_cat/nodes?v -u admin:admin --insecure
curl -XGET https://localhost:9200/_cat/plugins?v -u admin:admin --insecure

To find the container ID:

docker ps

Then you can stop the container using:

docker stop <container-id>

Start a cluster

To deploy the image across multiple nodes for a production workload, create a docker-compose.yml file appropriate for your environment and run:

docker-compose up

To stop the cluster, run:

docker-compose down

To stop the cluster and delete all data volumes, run:

docker-compose down -v

How is Open Distro for Elasticsearch licensed?

Open Distro for Elasticsearch includes the Apache 2.0 licensed Elasticsearch and Kibana code. All of the plugins included in Open Distro for Elasticsearch are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 as well.

How to contribute?

Open Distro for Elasticsearch is and will remain 100% open source under the Apache 2.0 license. As the project grows, we hope you will join us and contribute. We want to make it easy for you to get started and remove friction—no lengthy Contributor License Agreement—so you can focus on writing great code. Checkout the Open Distro for Elasticsearch website to know more